What is a tasklet?

A tasklet represents a small peice of work that runs in combination with other tasklets to perform a task. An example of a tasklet might be calculating how many CPU hours a pipeline will take then resizing the cluster to handle the workload. Individual tasklets should generally be seen similar to UNIX utilities such as ls or grep which perform a single function well and are designed to be composed with other tools through stdin and stdout.

vp-run-metrics - Run a tasklet


Runs a tasklet on a cluster.

command line

Usage: vp-run-metrics --name=cluster [options] "metric1 | metric2 | .. | metricn"
Quotes are important

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --host=HOST           Host of web services to connect to, defaults to local
  --name=NAME           Name of cluster to run on
  -b, --block           Block on task name
  -t, --print-task-name
                        Print the name of the task at the end
                        Name of pipeline to run against
  -c CONFIG             Add config options, multiple allowed in style -c
                        key=value -c key=value

command line examples

Example 1

Run a tasklet to calculate the number of CPU hours a BLAST run will take on the pipeline named clovr_search_12-01-2010-15:07:00. This demonstrates that a pipeline name can be specified, this is optional. The -c option can also be used to add config options to the run. --pipeline-name specifies that the configuration from a particular pipeline should be passed as the initial input to the tasklet run and any output variables should be added or updated in the pipeline configuration.

vp-run-metrics --pipeline-name=clovr_search_12-01-2010-15:07:00 -c cluster.CLUSTER_NAME=local "translate-keys input.REF_DB_TAG=misc.REP_DB | filter-keys input.INPUT_TAG cluster.CLUSTER_NAME misc.PROGRAM misc.REP_DB | tag-is-fasta | sequence-stats | cunningham_calc_cpu_hours"


Task: runMetric-1291216072.42 Type: runMetric     State: completed     Num: 7/7 (100%) LastUpdated: 2010/12/01 15:08:10 UTC
Debug - 2010/12/01 15:07:55 UTC: Starting to run /opt/vappio-metrics/get-pipeline-conf clovr_search_12-01-2010-15:07:00 |
/opt/vappio-metrics/translate-keys input.REF_DB_TAG=misc.REP_DB | /opt/vappio-metrics/filter-keys input.INPUT_TAG
cluster.CLUSTER_NAME misc.PROGRAM misc.REP_DB | /opt/vappio-metrics/tag-is-fasta | /opt/vappio-metrics/sequence-stats |
/opt/vappio-metrics/cunningham_calc_cpu_hours | /opt/vappio-metrics/set-pipeline-conf clovr_search_12-01-2010-15:07:00
Notification - 2010/12/01 15:08:10 UTC: Completed
Result - 2010/12/01 15:08:10 UTC: {u'mtype': u'result', u'timestamp': 1291216090.175765, u'result': u'kv

webservice url


webservice parameters

Parameter Required Type Meaning
cluster Yes String Name of cluster to run tasklet on.
conf Yes Dictionary Dictionary of key-value pairs to pass as initial input to first tasklet.
metrics Yes String A string of tasklets to run seperated by |.

webservice response

The name of the task associated with the tasklet run.

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